Practice 22


Look for beauty
The decision is yours
The more beauty you see in the world around you, the more pleasure and peace you will bring yourself and others. Today’s assignment is photographing curves. We all love curves, know it or not. There is something so inherently pleasing about the softness of a curve if it is silky smooth or even constructed of rough impenetrable concrete. Spend ten minutes today looking for curves and photographing them, curves found in nature or man-made. Make pictures from close and from far away. It is conceivable that you could spend your entire ten minutes photographing just one thing or even a person or a pet. It’s up to you. Focus on what you find beautiful and let your imagination play.
As we set our minds on finding what is pleasing and recording our observations with our cameras, we find ourselves seeing beauty in our world that we have never noticed before. During the last three weeks, you have sharpened your skills as an observer. As you make photographs, consciously using your most positive lens, you have likely found yourself more able and aware that it is your choice to see things, yes, in the most positive light if you choose to do so. As you continue to sharpen that lens of yours and practice changing filters, the corollary will be true as well. The more observant you become and the more clearly you see, the more ugliness and heartbreak you will observe. As you have learned through your now active photographic practice, you have the power to choose.