Practice 13

People you’re grateful to know

Say thank you
Try sneaking a shot
What appeals to you
Today, spend 10 minutes taking pictures of people you are grateful to have in your life. These can be ‘smile for the camera’ shots or quick candids. Your subjects don’t have to be people you are close to, just people you appreciate. Photograph colleagues at work or school, neighbors, friends, perhaps the smiling barista in the coffee shop, someone in your office you who makes you laugh. It’s always a good idea to ask people, particularly people you don’t know well, if they mind if you photograph them. If they ask why or even if they don’t, explain that you are studying photography - because you are. Some people are delighted to be photographed and others are not.
if you are really sneaky like I am -I shouldn’t really tell you this – you can hold your phone, so it looks like you are just reading a message and take a shot. Absolutely do not post pictures you take of people whose permission you have not obtained and certainly, don’t try to sell or publish them. Always thank the people you photograph. If you feel comfortable, show them the pictures you’ve taken. You’d be surprised how happy it makes people, especially when you get a good one. Photograph as many people as you can during your practice and have fun. Try to use your most positive point of view. Say thank you to each of the people you photograph, both out loud and to yourself.
When you finish, look at your photos and select the ones you like best. Notice what it is about the photographs that makes one more appealing to you than another. Are there some in which you have captured something you really like about the person? Don’t be frustrated if you don’t see those special qualities in the photos you’ve made. The more times you do this practice and the more comfortable and natural you become using your camera, the more easily you will get the kinds of photos you want.