Practice 10

One important thing

Choose one and stay with it
Empty your mind
Today, choose just one thing you are grateful for and spend your entire ten minutes photographing it. Maybe it’s a sign that Spring has come, those flowers pushing their way out of the ground after a seemingly endless winter, or your dog wildly wagging his tail when you walk in the door. Choose something you photographed yesterday or something entirely different. It could be that soft worn out tee shirt you can’t throw away and always want to put on at the end of a hard day. My guess is that after you finished your ten minutes yesterday, you continued to notice more things for which you are grateful. It’s funny how differently we see when we are looking for something. Your subject can be as simple and lighthearted as a plate of a favorite food, or an object that is deeply meaningful to you.
I'll remind you to empty your mind of everything else going on in your life and take a few quiet breaths. Begin your session by photographing your whole subject wherever you find it. Shoot it straight on; then from a few different angles. If its small, you can move it to a place with a better background. Move your camera closer and photograph its parts. Look for interesting shapes, colors and textures. You can move a lamp to it, or a flashlight, shoot it in bright light and dim. As you work, stay focused on what you like about your choice. Don’t judge yourself. If your choice seems silly to you or deeply serious, It doesn’t matter. Just stay fully focused. Don’t forget to say thank you.