Practice 16

Your Morning

Open those beautiful eyes of yours
Look around you
Today, tell the story of how you begin your day with photographs. When you get up, take those 3 slow breaths and push that overwhelming list of what you have to do today into a ‘later’ file. If you share your bed or not, commit to taking the next 10 minutes or more to staying fully engaged in photographing what you see when you wake up. Your roommate may not be happy if you pull out your phone and point it their way. On the other hand, it might be flattering. If it’s still dark, take a picture of your darkened room. Photograph your bed, the folds of the blankets and sheets, the hollowed-out place on your pillow where you laid your head. Notice the areas of light and dark. See how the light illuminates the curves of their body under the blankets.
Photograph what is illuminated by the light coming through the windows. It changes as moments go by. If you’ve thrown your clothes on the floor, photograph the piles. Walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. There you are. Yikes! Take a picture. Photograph your counter. Is it piled with stuff or pristine? Take a few moments to enjoy and shoot your morning brew. When you dress, take pictures of the inside of your closet and drawers. Your clothing may be hung neatly, as organized as in the most elegant clothing shop, or it may look as if banshees invaded. Photograph it either way. When you do, you will see it in a way you hadn’t seen it before. Before you leave your home, quickly photograph the way you left the rooms. Have a nice day.