Practice 19

Your lens

You can choose the way you see the world
This is a 2-part practice to help you become more aware of the lens you use to see the world. In addition to that lens, you have a number of filters you pop over it, sometimes consciously, but more often than not, unconsciously. If we teach ourselves to become more aware of our own lens and the filters we use, we can choose how we see the world, and not only when taking pictures. Today, choose a room to photograph. You will photograph the same room tomorrow. It can be in your home, a friend’s, at work, or a public place. Spend ten minutes photographing what you don’t like about that room. If it’s a mess like this office (I won’t tell you who it belongs to), all you have to to do is pick up your camera, point and shoot. You can use the rest of your time to zero in on everything annoying.