Practice 30

Sunrise, Sunset

Stay in the moment
In your lifetime, so far, what have you seen that made your heart soar? Maybe you can count those moments on one hand, maybe there are thousands. For me, it’s sunrises and sunsets, a phenomenon we all have the opportunity to see every day. It’s available to each of us just by opening our blinds and watching the light outside our window change to marvelous shades of pink, yellow, purple, and red. I try to see and photograph as many sunrises and sunsets as I possibly can, even if my view is only from a small hotel room window. Truly, what could be as awesome a sight? Oh yes, I can name a few, the first time I photographed a baby being born and every time I've had that opportunity since. There are more.
Each of us has different memories of sights and moments that made our hearts soar. Today or tomorrow, go to the best place to see the sun rising or setting and try to stretch out your 10 minutes for as long as you can. Begin taking pictures as soon as the colors start to change. Don’t stop until the magic stops. Keep shooting, being careful to keep your horizons parallel. Hold your camera firmly in your hands to avoid movement and blur. Use your exposure tool, touching your fingertip to the place not on the sun itself, but on a bright place near it to set your exposure. Experiment. Try different compositions, maybe just sky or others that include the buildings or water below. Allow the deepest part of you to enjoy the beauty you’re privileged to see. Say thank you.