10 minutes a day
What’s the catch?
I’m asking you for 10 minutes a day. I promise that if you do the very simple things I will suggest, you will change your life. You will be calmer, clearer, more aware of the world in which you live. You will see and experience more beauty than perhaps you have in decades. You will have more pleasure, perhaps laughter as well. You will be more in touch with what you like, what makes you happy and what you would like to see change. As you continue, you will be able to be more emotionally accessible to the people in your life. More importantly, you will be more emotionally accessible to yourself. It is possible, if you take this practice seriously, that in time you will find yourself better able to hear that quiet voice inside you that is the essence of who you truly are.
There is no catch. There is nothing to buy, there are no classes to attend, no tests to take. All you need is a camera and the one you have on your phone will do just fine. There is a month of ten minute assignments on this site. Do one a day, or if you wish, stretch your month of assignments out as long as you wish. Do them at your own pace. If you skip a day, or even a week or two, you won’t lose a thing. Just begin again where you left off. As you do the assignments, you will soon appreciate that you already have everything you need to open yourself up to a new source of pleasure, clarity, and peace. It’s all right inside you. You just haven’t learned how to access it. But what about the prayer part? What does photography have to do with prayer?